Friday, January 27, 2017


On my Birthday Rock Hunt I chose a Selenite sphere to sit on my Amethyst Crystal. I did not know the first thing about either crystal when I chose them. I thought they made a very pretty arrangement. I just liked the way they looked together.

Selenite Sphere on Amethyst Crystal

Once again my natural intuition seemed to be on the job. It turns out that Selenite and Amethyst Crystals make excellent companions beyond just looking good. Selenite is said to be a charging crystal. Most stones need to be set in the sun to get a new charge not so Selenite. It is so pure it never needs cleansing and it can chase negative energy out of you and other crystals as well.

I have become aware of the necessity of cleansing and charging ones stones. Crystals have energy but that energy drains over time and with use, which makes abundant sense to me. A good way to re-charge crystals and stones is to set them in the sun. This re-charging has been a concern to me as there is almost no sun where I live in winter. What little sun there is packs the punch of a powder puff. Even so, I've been dutifully placing my Amethyst Crystal on the windowsill every time the sun comes out. Turns out I needn't have bothered as the Selenite is constantly re-charging it.

Selenite Ball
In the above photo the Selenite looks like the moon and is in fact associated with that celestial body and is thought to be able to help one connect with their spirit guides.

Another thing about Selenite and Amethyst Crystals is that the combination is said to be a powerful sleep inducer and cure for insomnia.  Now I'm in a quandary. I keep my Selenite and Amethyst on my nightstand. I have to wonder is it the Shungite that has been making me sleep like a log the past couple of weeks or is it the Selenite and Amethyst? Does it matter? Not to me. I would experiment but I am so enjoying my sleep I don't want to mess with it.

Physical Issues:

Calcium Absorption, Insomnia, Flexibility, Memory, Back, Mental Clarity

Emotional Issues:

Negativity, Insecurity

Spiritual Issues:

Protection From Negativity, Truth, Harmony, Intuition, Contact Spirit Guides

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