Tuesday, January 24, 2017


As I have been researching the various stones and crystals in my collection I have run across several articles dissing the notion of stones and crystals having healing properties. The biggest argument; there is no scientific evidence to support it. One article I read bordered on the ridiculous. The idiot that wrote it was so moronic he supplied more evidence against his position than for it. Reminding me, yet again, to always be wary of stuff you find on the internet.

Some detractors were downright rabid about how stupid it was to think rocks had any healing properties. To him the idea is just New Age hokum. I am always leery of people that cannot present their arguments in a calm and educated manner. Unfortunately, people who rant their opinions are legion. All they show me is their ignorance.

It has been noted, in studies where a placebo (fake crystals) were used in place of real a stones or crystals, the placebo was chosen often as not. The placebo had as much effect as a real rock. It was posited that in fact such studies proved the stones had no healing energy whatsoever. Link to one ridiculous article I don't like linking it because Google will interpret it as a good thing. But, I'll no doubt want to refer to it again and not in a good way.

I'm too new into my exploration of rocks and crystals to have an educated opinion on the matter. But, I do have an open mind. Therefore, if it works for no other reason than I believe it works why should I care? I do believe there is considerable scientific evidence the mind/brain is an awesomely powerful organ. I also know that beauty makes me smile and it has been scientifically proven that smiling can help with depression. Below is a little arrangement I made on my nightstand.

Rock and Crystal Display

I think it's beautiful. When I look at it it makes me smile. It provides me with moments of experiencing joy and serenity which reduces stress which supports my immune system. Sounds pretty good to me.

In an earlier post I mentioned Shungite and how some say it might help me sleep better.  I am now 10 nights into placing a Shungite pyramid on my forehead for five minutes or so after lights out. I can report during this time I have taken no sleep aides and have slept like a log. Is it because the Shungite has special energy or is it because I am open to the idea that it does? As Clark Gable famously said in Gone With The Wind "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" which it is. For whatever reason, it's working for me.

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