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The early part of last December I was watching a video in which the subject of Shungite arose. The video wasn't about rocks and crystals the subject just came up in relationship to EMPs. EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse. And a big shot of this stuff from the sun or somewhere out in space could knock out all our power grids and electronics.

What the interviewee in this video was saying is that we get exposed to small doses of electromagnetic pulses all day long from our computers, televisions and microwaves. I was aware of the effect of an EMP on like autos and the electrical grid but I didn't know about my personal space.

A little research revealed that it's not EMPs which are associated with appliances but EMFs. EMF stands for electromagnetic field and it is to this field we expose ourselves everyday. Studies have shown that exposure to EMF's, which emit low dose radiation,  can impact your immune system and lead to cancer and other health issues in some people.

I wondered if the stone could help me with my tinnitus. I've got it pretty bad from running a chainsaw and a youth filled with hunting and shooting without ear protection. I am very sensitive to high frequencies. On a lark and not knowing a thing about any of this stuff I decided to buy some Shungite to see if it would help with the tinnitus.

I jumped on Amazon and had a Shungite pendant to wear around my neck and a small Shungite pyramid in my possession in a couple of days. So now I'm wondering what is this stuff anyway?

Shungite Pendent

Shungite comes from the Republic of Karelia in northwestern Russia and only from this region. It is estimated the deposits are in the neighborhood of 2 billion years old. Think of that. I can hold in my hand something that is two billion years old. True, we all walk around on a planet that is 4.5 billion years old but how often are we conscious of what we are doing?

As you can see Shungite isn't one of the more colorful stones. It looks more like a lump of coal. But, this stone wasn't bot as an ornament I was curious about it's potential function. I have since learned that Shungite is an ancient healing stone that is good for much more than EMFs. It has something called Fullerenes which are said to act as anti-oxidants. Who can't use that?

Shungite Pyramid

I've had the stones for about a month now and I can report I detect no difference in my tinnitus.

I also have trouble falling asleep many nights. I usually take Alteril, a natural sleep aid, when I can't sleep. The last three nights I have turned out the lights and set the pyramid in the center of my forehead whilst laying on my back. I'm an on my side sleeper so I stay on my back as long as I can take it then remove the stone and rollover on my side. I'm grateful I'm in the dark as I might look kind of funny laying there with a black pyramid on my forehead. But, here's the thing, for three nights now I have fallen asleep very quickly and stayed asleep all night long. Granted three nights a study does not make but I am going to keep a journal and will report back when I have more data.

I try keeping an open mind in general and so it is with learning about how stones might not be just pretty things we collect and use to adorn ourselves. They may hold mysteries that can be most beneficial to those who take the time to learn. I'm game and anxious to see where this exploration leads.

UPDATE:  February 14, 2017 I have now had 30 consecutive nights of complete restful sleep.

©Walker Barnard

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