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As mentioned in Episode 3, the subject of chakras came up whilst reading The Pocket Book of Stones.  It quickly became clear that some understanding of the seven chakras would be integral in my quest for knowledge about stones and crystals.

Until now I was only vaguely aware of the existence of chakras. I couldn't tell you much about them. With a little research I have come up with my own, simplistic understanding of what chakras are. Chakras are portals in the body from which energy constantly ebbs and flows. Free flowing chakras lead to physical and spiritual health and well being. Blocked chakras lead to the opposite.

It appears to me healthy chakras are maintained primarily through meditation. I have dabbled with meditation over the years but have had a hard time calming my mind and sitting still. It's a scientific fact that meditation has a calming and stress reducing effect. For the past year and a half I have been trying, sporadically to give it another go. Mostly, because I believe with every fiber of my being that stress is the root cause of all illness and disease.

I am learning that chakras, meditation, stones and crystals all tied together. If one wants to try and use stones and crystals for healing, either physical or emotional/spiritual issues, then you need to know your chakras. My new interest in stones and crystals is dovetailing to create a new motivation to pursue meditation. It seems specific stones & crystals can be instrumental in balancing the different chakras. If my new found interest in stones gets me back on the mat then what a gift that will be.

The 7 Major Chakras
Chakra 1 The Root Chakra  (Red)
Physical: Back, bones, colon, feet, hips, teeth
Emotional: Self-esteem, loving life, empowerment, groundedness  

Chakra 2 The Sacral Chakra (Orange)
Physical: Stomach, bladder, bowels,hips, lower back, skin
Emotional: Creativity, imagination, passion

Chakra 3 The Solar Plexis (Yellow or Golden) 
Physical: Adrenals, digestive issues, gall bladder, liver, skin, stomach, back
Emotional: Intuition, joy, laughter, self-esteem, self confidence, willpower

Chakra 4 The Heart Chakra (Green)  
Physical: reasts, blood, circulatory system, immune system lungs, heart
Emotional: Love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, understanding

Chakra 5 The Throat Chakra (Blue)
Physical: Thyroid, gums, ears, jaw, mouth, sinuses, teeth, tongue, tonsils
Emotional: Humor, self expression, truthfulness, expression of creativity

Chakra 6 The Third eye Chakra (Purple)
Physical: Clear vision, eyes, endocrine system, nose, nervous system, lymphatic system
Emotional: Connection to higher self, dreams, ideas, intuition, spirit wisdom

Chakra 7 The Crown Chakra (Violet/purple, gold)
Physical: brain, pain center, nervous system
Emotional: Divinity, enlightenment, higher self, harmony, wisdom,Oneness with the universe

The above is not meant to be a complete listing of the physical and emotional benefits of the seven chakras. This is an abbreviated listing of  various benefits for each chakra. I made it for a quick reference for myself. It's my cheat sheet if you will. Also, the chakras are usually listed in descending order. It's easier for me to remember the other way round.

One helpful observation I have made is that the color associated with each chakra is also the color of stone one would be wanting to use in relation to that chakra. For example if I were looking to work on my Heart Chakra I might want to use a green stone like Malachite in my space. If I have a blue stone, like Angelite, I will instantly know it is most likely associated with the Throat Chakra.

I have no doubt that a person could make a life long study of the chakras. But the purpose of this diary is an exploration of stones and crystals. It is quite possible that I will want to delve into chakras more deeply as my knowledge expands.

In the next posts I will be cataloging the stones that I already possess. In this way I can learn to recognize a stone by name. Also, leading me to learn the properties and characteristics of each. Never losing sight of the fact that no matter what else, these stones are beautiful. Without knowing anything else my stones benefit me with their beauty which brings me joy.

©Walker Barnard

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