Sunday, January 22, 2017


My Rainbow Fluorite, pictured below, is translucent and would be considered a B grade which is low on the quality totem pole. But, I like it because it is colorful and has character. More clearly defined stripes make for a higher quality stone. I'll keep that in mind when trying to upgrade the collection.

Rainbow Fluorite is a common stone which can be found in China, South America and Montana. The fact it can be found right here in Montana is exciting because I can go rockhounding for it without leaving home. Also, this stone is said to resonate particularly well with Capricorns. I find that a lovely co-incidence, that a stone only found in a handful of locations around the world is located in the state I chose to be my home and it resonates with my astrological sign. Fifteen years after moving here, confirmations of a choice well made are still coming.

Rainbow Fluorite

Physical Issues:

ADD, Arthritis, Bones, Focus, Concentration, Dental Problems, Nutrition Absorption,  Issues of the Lungs, Supports Brain Chemistry

Emotional Issues:

Emotional Balance, Negativity

Spiritual Issues:

Grounding, Intuition, Manifestation



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