Tuesday, January 17, 2017


A funny thing happens. I'm thinking since I've become interested in Shungite I should get my pal some Shungite for Christmas. But, then I think naw she probably knows all about it, I'll wait and find out. So what does my pal give me for Christmas? A Shungite pyramid! We have a good laugh.

Now my birthday rolls around on the 12th of January and my friend wants to do for me what I had done for her, turn me loose in a rock shop with a budget. Well, I was like a kid in a candy store. I was literally looking for rock candy.

I gamboled up and down the isles choosing stones purely for their sense of style and design. I blew half my budget on a Amethyst geode and a Selenite ball. All I knew was it looked like a VERY pretty combination to me.

 My Amethyst Geode with Selenite Ball

I used up the rest of my budget on smaller stones I thought had interesting designs or were somehow especially intriguing. I had not a clue what healing power any of them supposedly had. But, the Shungite had tipped me off to the idea that stones had more going for them than just pretty faces.

Whilst we were checking out my friend picked up a book that indexed stones and crystals describing the objects as well as their healing qualities. The book was the size of the family bible. I was not interested in picking up that much baggage.

I continued to roam around whilst the proprietor rang up my choioces. In my wanderings I came across a little book, approx 4.5 x 5.5, by Robert Simmons entitled "The Pocket Book of Stones". Thumbing through it I just knew I wanted to learn more about my stones. I bought the book and I'm pretty sure it will prove to be a pivotal choice. In fact, I think this book will help me open spiritual doors I had no idea even existed.

Pocket Book of Stones is filled with glossy photos and treasure troves of information. Each stone has a synopsis of it's qualities.  For example Amethyst is described thus:

Keywords: Protection, purification, Divine connection, release of addictions
Chakras: Third eye (6th) Crown (7th) Etheric (8th - 14th)
Element: Wind
Physical: Overcoming addictions, tinnitus, nerve disorders, aids in oxygenation of blood
Emotional: Helps clear negative or addictive emotional patterns.
Spiritual: Facilitates conscious connection with Spirit Guides, Angels and Source

Following the synopsis is a more in depth description of the stone and it's unique characteristics.  I'll never again visit a rock shop without "Pocket Book of Stones".

My choice of the Amethyst crystal turned out to be rather interesting. I initially bot some Shungite because I thought it might help with my tinnitus. A purely speculative idea on my part.  But, as it turns out, my "Pocket Book of Stones" suggests Amethyst is good for tinnitus. Proving once again the universe will lead you if you will just allow yourself to follow.

Another interesting thing about the Pocket Book of Stones synopsis it that it lists chakras effected by the stones. I don't know that much about chakras but I was under the impression there were only seven. The synopsis for Amethyst suggests fourteen? Clearly I need to brush up on my chakras which I plan to do in the next episode.

©Walker Barnard

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