Thursday, January 26, 2017


This post will be a work in progress and updated on a regular basis as I go through the discovery progress for each of my stones and crystals. I want to create  a reverse index where I list conditions that might be addressed by proximity to a particular stone or crystal. I am not endeavoring to list every condition but rather those I have an interest in. A catalog I can go to anytime and choose stones I want to have in my space according to how I am feeling either physically or mentally.


Aches & Pains -- Lapi Lazuli
ADD -- Rainbow Fluorite
Arthritis -- Malachite, Rainbow Fluorite
Back -- Malachite, Selenite
Bones -- Malachite, Rainbow Fluorite, Ruby Fuchsite, Selenite, Lapis Lazuli
Blood Pressure -- Ruby Fuchsite
Carpel-Tunnel -- Ruby Fuchsite
Concentration -- Rainbow Fluorite
Constipation -- Ruby Fuchsite
Dental Problems -- Rainbow Fluorite
Detoxification -- Malachite, Shungite, Fancy Jasper, Lapis Lazuli
EMF Protection -- Shungite
Focus -- Rainbow Fluorite
Headaches -- Malachite
Immune System -- Amethyst, Malachite, Ruby Fuchsite, Shungite, Lapis Lazuli 
Insomnia  -- Amethyst, Shungite, Lapis Lazuli
Memory -- Amethyst, Selenite
Metabolism -- Amethyst
Nutrient Absorption -- Rainbow Fluorite, Selenite
Psoriasis -- Amethyst
Skin Problems -- Malachite
Tinnitus -- Amethyst
Wrinkles -- Amethyst


Abundance -- Malachite, Ruby Fuchsite
Anger -- Amethyst
Anxiety -- Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli
Awareness -- Amethyst
Balance -- Amethyst, Malachite, Ruby Fluorite
Calming -- Ruby Fuchsite, Fancy Jasper, Lapis Lazuli
Coping -- Amethyst
Creativity -- Malachite
Depression -- Lapis Lazuli
Enhanced Will power -- Malachite 
Fear -- Amethyst
Focus -- Amethyst, Fancy Jasper,
Grounding -- Rainbow Fluorite, Fancy Jasper
Happiness -- Ruby Fuchsite,
Harmony -- Amethyst, Selenite
Healed Heart -- Malachite
Inner-Child -- Amethyst
Intuition -- Amethyst, Rainbow Fluorite, Selenite, Lapis Lazuli
Manifestation -- Rainbow Fluorite
Motivation -- Amethyst
Problem Solving -- Fancy Jasper
Protection From Negative Energy -- Malachite, Rainbow Fluorite, Shungite
Self-Confidence - Ruby Fuchsite
Self-Esteem -- Ruby Fuchsite
Truth -- Shungite, Selenite, Lapis Lazuli
Wisdom -- Amethyst

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