Saturday, February 4, 2017


I'm not sure if blue or green is my favorite color but I surely do love blue. When I chose my Angelite  stone I was primarily drawn to the color but there was also a sense of serenity about them. Angelite is also known as Anhydrite, not nearly as nice as Angelite. Angelite is found in Peru.

Angelite seems to have more to do with the non-physical world. As one might guess from the name it is thought to be a conduit to communicating with your guardian angels.

I never thought much about my guardian angels until last summer when my only sister died in a freak accident. So, many things have happened since then to bring my attention and awareness to my angels, I am completely convinced of their existence.  I consult with them regularly now. I only regret it has taken me so long to wake up to their presence.

Physical Issues:

Osteoporosis, Sleep, Throat, Water Retention 

Emotional Issues:

Acceptance, Compassion, Fear, Peace, Truth

Spiritual Issues:

Angelic Realm, Angel Communication, Archangels, Perception, Visualization, Totem-Animals



Throat - (Blue)
Crown- (Violet)
Third-Eye (Purple)

©Walker Barnard

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