Saturday, February 11, 2017


I want to start this entry by saying to anyone who stumbles upon it, I am no expert in this field. In point of fact I only got interested in stones and crystals quite recently. This is simply a diary. I make no claims one way or another. I am simply recording my observations, experiences and my reactions to those experiences, nothing more. If a reader has something they think is useful information I hope they would share it in a comment. I would really like to know.

Without further preamble: In my last journal entry "Shungite Water I wouldn't Drink it" I wrote about my experience with filtered shungite water. I had a pretty scary reaction to it and swore off the stuff.

But, I couldn't stopped thinking about how shungite has been my cure for sleepless nights. I have now gone 29 nights without need for Alteril. (See Shungit Rock with a Purpose?)

I can't get my sleep success out of my head and I feel like I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater with respect to shungite filtered water. Anything that helps keep one ahead in the de-tox game is valuable to me. I'm still a long way off wanting to try shungite water where the shungite chips are in direct contact with the water but I had another idea.

I have read in numerous places about putting stones in a glass bowl and then placing a glass of water next to it to get the stones' energy to pass into the water. I've not tried that so I thought why not try it with the shungite?  Last night I got a small jar and filled it with my shungite chips. Then I placed a glass of distilled water next to it. I left them overnight. I used a small jar because I wanted the chips to be concentrated and not spread out in the bottom of a bowl.

Shungite Chips Next to Distilled Water
It's quite clear something's been going on whilst I blissfully slept. Distilled water might get a few bubbles if left in a glass overnight but not anything like this. I mean there has been a whole lot of action going on here.

I've got no qualms about drinking this water. And, so I shall.

©Walker Barnard

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