Thursday, February 2, 2017


When I came up with the title for this blog post it was tongue in cheek. I was hearkening back to the 70's when an imaginative fellow by the name of Gary Dahl invented the Pet Rock. It was all the rage and made the man a millionaire. Now come to find out the Pet Rock is alive and well. Nordstrom's sold out of their version this past Christmas and the little rascal was fetching $85.00.

Actually, I am referring to the stones in my collection. They are like friends to me, with or without any healing capabilities. I name each one and call it by name. Each stone is so unique and beautiful I can't resist the urge to name it, especially the ones I carry around in my pocket. Sounds silly but there you go.

But, if one is hoping to get any potential benefit from their stones' energy there are some things to consider. First off I think you should carefully wash each stone or crystal acquired ASAP. No telling who's grubby hands have been on it or what kind of energy they transferred to the stone. It could be nasty negative stuff.

Also, one never knows how long a stone has been kept away from energizing sunlight. Stones and crystals do run out of energy and need regular re-charging. I think you should let any new rock you bring into your space sit in the sun for several hours after gently washing in warm soapy water.

Some even suggest one find out where and how stones were mined to determined if they were carefully removed from the earth. For me that's a bit over the top. I don't doubt a stone can pick up negative energy from improper handling.  But, I'm not about to do the amount of research required to determine how the stone was handle at the mine.

My solution for this potential problem is simple. Treat my stones with love and respect. Use my love energy to dispel any negative treatment my rock might have encountered on it's way to me. In all the reading I have done so far on the subject it's all about what stones and crystals can do for us. I think the flow should be both ways. I will will send my love energy to my stones and crystals every time I handle them. Give my gratitude for their presence in my life.

The mere beautiful presence of stone and crystals in my space is enough to bring tranquility and happiness into my life. Those feelings I believe have a major positive effect on my emotional health and that my emotional health has a huge impact on my physical health. Regardless of what you believe I do not see how you can go wrong bringing stone and crystal energy into your world. Just make sure you pay attention to the care and feeding of your new friends.

Forget about Nordstrom's. For $85 my local rock shops will sell me any number of beautiful stones and crystals as opposed to just one in a leather pouch.

©Walker Barnard

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